Andy Lansell

9 03 2007

hey, I’m Andy, Andy Lansell.  i suppose you could call me a man young age and experience but i have experienced manythings in my life.  i live in a quiet town named strattford and live on a farm.  i love my horses and my family.

i had gone off to war leaving everything i have or had behind.

before i left to war i had done some bad things and some respectable things.  i had slept with a woman named Frances- Jane, she was beautiful and that was part of the reason why i did it. 

As i am preparing for the war, i get a letter from Frances- Jane saying she has a new baby and that the baby was mine too.  i felt guilty because i felt like i had betrayed the woman i love Cecilia.  

i like being with my mates.  It was even better that we could go war together and experience the same things and also just to be there for each-other.  i suppose i am reasonably brave, leaving everything behind and choosing for myself if i should go to war or not.

 when i thought about killing people i didnt seen to like it but there was still a type of thrill inside me waiting for for action……


Henry Lyon

4 03 2007

Hey, im Henry Lyon.  i like to see myself as a smart type of guy.  I wouldnt portray myself as rich, but because of my parents i have a bit of wealth.  At times i get embarresed by my type of protection, you could say, by my parents and their wealth for an example when they let me use their volvo, i broke down and didn’t have a clue what was wrong, as the repair man came i was ashamed to say it was my parents car but at the same time i was still embarresed because of the type of car it is. 

 i can be a sensitive guy, but you could say, when it comes to girls im partly blind, as in i cant tell what they’re thinking.

I love to sailboard with my mates and because ,i suppose, i am more experienced i take the  more challenging waves first.  i love the feeling of soaring through the air, forcing my fears away, indeed it is very thrilling.

i am going to uni to study and become a lawyer, i hope this will make me happy and i will get somewhere in life.

in a way i am glad that the volvo broke down because i was able to meet new people and expirience something that i don’t think i could have experienced anywhere else 


25 02 2007

For myself unaustralian is all types of things.  here are my ideas.

Not caring for our type of culture.  not liking Australian sports like Aussie rules footy.

Unaustralian is New Zealand, all because they are not from the country.

wasting water is not on.

Not knowing how to have a barbique

finally, the opposite of Australian is unaustralian

Australian citizen test

9 02 2007

1.  What is the cartoon at the top of this post suggesting about the citizenship test?

it is suggesting that if they want to get into our country they at least have to know some things about our country, like our type of aussie slang.

2.  What are some of the reasons given for the introduction of the citizenship test?

to make sure that prospective migrants have a good grasp of English and that they have a knowledge of Australian values, customs and laws.

3.  What are some reasons given for people who are against the idea of the citizenship?

there are fears it could undermine multiculturalism and create division in the community.

 4.  Which arguments do you find more convincing? Explain why.

i find the argument where it states that the people that want to come into the country have to take the citizen test is a good thing. im not being racist but its just annoying being around people who cant speak propper english or know our culture, eg.  phone servey people. just as long as they can speak english it should be fine and they shouldnt have to take the test

white power

2 02 2007

i am barry cheesesticks. i live in victoria. i go to school, currently in year 11. this blog will contain work i have been forced to do in class. 😦

Hello world!

2 02 2007

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